Beyond the pale

Continuation of the earlier post about the Antarctic…

So I awoke in the morning, deep into the Drakes Passage. As I was laying in bed I was aware that the ship was rocking quite significantly. It’s wasn’t a big ship, at only around 100 meters in length, and so the rough seas did affect it. My roomates began to get up which entailed being thrown into the furniture and cursing. I felt queasy so decided that the deck was the best place to be so quickly grabbed my stuff and ran up to the observation deck. This was the first time I got to see the waves hitting the ship and the sight of the horizon rising and falling did nothing to help the seasickness. I won’t go into details but I wasn’t very productive that morning which was a shame as a Bottle Nosed Whale was sighted which was a rare sighting indeed.

After rallying throughout the morning I wa able to get to work in the afternoon. This proved fortuitous as a Cuviers Beaked whale chose to surface about 10 meters from me which was my first ever whale sighting which was very special indeed.

There already is an entire blog dedicated to this trip  (

but I will run through my highlights.

1-The scenery

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200


Killer whale

3-Dusky dolphins



5- Close up humpbacks


6-Close up minkes




Also, as part of my assignment for this I had to make a podcast. I chose to make a video about tourism in the Antarctic and I’ve posted it below. It is aimed at the general public and is only 5 minutes long 🙂

The link is here

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