I’m back!

So it has been a long time and 3 jobs since I last blogged on this site. I have been doing a lot of commission work lately and have been regularly contributing to the excellent magazine “New Nature“. where I am also a volunteer editor.

It has been a very interesting time, not just for me but for the world at large. Things are very different from when I last posted. I’m not sure you could honestly say things are better but there have been improvements in some areas. Climate Change awareness and action is at an all-time high with groups like Extinction Rebellion grabbing the headlines in increasingly controversial ways. I’ll do a post on this in future but as I said in the past I’m always a little sceptical about activism although in this case I can see why people feel compelled to act.

As for me, I now work in the education sector working on sustainability for universities and colleges in Scotland. It’s still fairly new to me but it is such an interesting area and our institutions are doing incredible things and leading the world in many things. Indeed the University of Edinburgh and Glasgow Kelvin College were both highly commended in the International Green Gown Awards recently. These awards recognise sustainability in educational institutions around the world.

I’ve got lots to post about and share in future but for now, I’ll just say I am back and really looking forward to blogging again!

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