Sustainable Shaving?

Lets talk about shaving.

I have used a safety razor for a few years now, mainly because I find it causes  less irritation and because it is much cheaper. It also means I don’t have to buy cartridge razors and their super expensive “multiple blade frictionless shaving experience” nonsense.

A safety razor is pretty much just a blade on a stick. You can get a different razors that are more or less aggressive and blades that are sharper or milder so you can really suit yourself. A blade works out around 10-20p compared to about £3-4 for a cartridge razor so it’s a huge saving over time and, I find, much nicer on my skin.


In terms of sustainability, it is of course a lot better as the razor will, in theory, last a lifetime and the blades can be recycled as they are pure metal. I didn’t really think of sustainability at the time and I do have a shaving brush that is plastic with synthetic bristles. I’m not really sure what they are made of but it has lasted for years and I didn’t want an animal hair one (are their environmentally friendly shaving brushes?) I use pretty standard shaving gel which I think can be recycled rather than having a “sustainable” one shipped to me. I was thinking of attempting to make my own shaving gel/foam/soap as I have been making soap lately and imagine I could vary the recipe to make this work.

I feel at the very least the safety razor is a great replacement. Far better than disposables or the fancy expensive ones. Also a special shout out to the crazy people at Gillette who decided that one of their recent razors (which came for free when I bought something else) should have a battery powered motor in it too. Not only is it a waste of resources (the free sample and the battery) but is surely one of the worst ideas imaginable.


I’ve never once dragged a razor sharp blade over my face and neck and thought “this would be a lot better if the blade vibrated”. In fact, I can’t think of much worse than a vibrating razor blade….

Safety razors are definitely worth a try in my view. They so much better value, easy to use and better for the environment


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