Food Packaging

Isn’t it weird how certain foods come in certain types of packaging and we all just go with it?

For some reason apples 🍎 come wrapped in plastic but oranges🍊 in mesh. I appreciate oranges have a skin but I don’t feel the bag really protects the apples. Maybe it stops bugs getting in but they grow outside and can be bought loose (not always at the moment, hence the bag) so is it necessary?

Then for some reason we have peaches 🍑 etc that come in plastic boxes with mesh around it so that clearly doesn’t stop things getting in and surely negates the value? Or grapes 🍇 that come in bags or sealed tubs but with holes. I think if the idea is protection then it clearly doesn’t work. I understand plastic can preserve the shelf life for things like cucumber 🥒 but for other fruits you have to feel if it was necessary there would be a uniformity to it but it is just a random array of plastic. Tesco currently sell both wrapped and unwrapped broccoli 🥦 side by side. Why? Why does a courgette come unwrapped but a celeriac need plastic?

I find it really annoying that immediately on coming home so much of this goes straight in the bin. It feels like the plastic wrapping is a sort of fashion trend that everyone just does for the sake of it.

Also, bonus points if anyone can tell me the correct way to recycle the mesh bags oranges come in. Genuinely no idea, is it plastic?

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