The New Green Deal?

So Biden won.

Unsurprisingly this is pretty good news for climate change. The bar was pretty low to be fair.

In the short term the US will rejoin the Paris agreement having only just left it officially. This essentially pledges them to reduce emissions. A good step but meaningless on its own with the rest of the world failing their Paris targets.

Biden has talked about a Green Deal. He wants to invest $1.7 Trillion into climate policies to get the US to net zero by 2050 and US electricity be be net zero by 2035. Combined with other countries, like China, pledging this it brings global goals back on target and would potentially avoid a 0.1C temperature rise by 2100.

This is good. Competition spurs action, the US don’t want beaten to net zero by China, the EU, South Korea etc. It’s a little sad that world politics still has bragging rights but perhaps it is more effective to use this than fight it.

Bad news? Opposition in the US is strong, the election showed how divided the country is. With the senate being close and the Supreme court being Republican (ok technically “unbiased” but, you know..), legal challenges could drag on for years. 

Biden winning is good for the climate on paper, although in a normal year his climate policies would be around average. Factions of the US are onside, California for example, the 3rd biggest economy in the world, refused to drop the Paris targets when Trump came in. As one of the biggest economies they hold a lot of power in this economy vs climate battle that will no doubt be brought out again. It’s a terrible argument but one that the media and opposition will persist on using. 

Even the media showed a shift with US media turning strongly against Trump, no doubt part of the reason so many of his own spoke out against his actions, many for the first time in 4 years. A sinking ship simile comes to mind. 🐀🐀🚢

The plans are good which is all you can say at this point. The Republic Senate will probably try to block a lot of these ideas though, winning Georgia in the runoff vote would ease this problem.

Perhaps the hope alone is enough for now. It could be much worse. Indeed it was.

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