“Climate Change: Law Used as Stick to Beat Government” BBC-Headline.

Really not sure what the @bbcnews are implying with this headline and story?

The law is not “being used as a stick”, the law is attempting to be upheld against actions that break it. Environmentalists are not “hounding the government”, they are taking fair legal action to make the government obey it’s own laws. Its like accusing the police of hounding the criminals.

It’s a very weird headline and story that implies the environmental groups are troublemakers for upholding the law. Apparently they are “threatening the government” by obeying the law.

It’s a strange story anywhere but not something you would expect on the BBC website.

I don’t check the BBC Climate pages often so not sure if this is normal language for them but it seems a fairly unprofessional and inaccurate way of reporting does it not?

Am I reading too much into this? What do you guys think?

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