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Protection Money

The Mexican government and insurance company Swiss Re have joined force to create an insurance policy for the coral reef off the coast of Cancun. This marks the first time something like this has happened, despite years of debate on the issue. The plan… Continue Reading “Protection Money”

The Great Wind Debate

4 wind farms proposed on the East coast of Scotland

In Scotland over the last few weeks there has been a fair amount of controversy over four wind farms due to be constructed on the East coast of Scotland. These wind farms were initially approved, then were put on hold after the RSPB appealed, but have now been cleared to proceed once again after a ´╗┐recent court ruling.

Was Planet Earth 2 a Disaster?

Was Planet Earth 2 a disaster for wildlife? Martin Hughes Games believes so!

Citizen Science: Are we missing out?

Are we missing out by not using citizen science?

Reindeer blamed for Anthrax outbreak

Reindeer have grazed the landscape to near barren levels and the lack of groundcover along with global warming has thawed out corpses of animals and humans which were buried in the ice, releasing anthrax spores that were previously buried.

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