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Trade in Rhino Horn Legalised

South Africa has lifted the ban on trading rhino horn in a move that has divided conservationists. This now means it is legal to buy and sell rhino horns in South Africa. Advocates of this scheme argue that if private reserves were to de-horn… Continue Reading “Trade in Rhino Horn Legalised”

Wolf culling to increase in the Alps

The French government has dispatched a team of hunters in the French Alps in order to cull the native wolf population. The laws regarding wolf culling in France have been relaxed over recent years but this wolf cull is a step up. Wolves are… Continue Reading “Wolf culling to increase in the Alps”

Unusual Occurrences

During my time in South Africa I visited two other animal sanctuaries and spent 4 days in Kruger National Park. I’ll start with Kruger. It was awesome. Just getting there was incredible as it took us a day to make it to the edge… Continue Reading “Unusual Occurrences”

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