So I started my own side business selling soap! It’s called Scottish Suds and is on Etsy or you can buy here if you have Paypal As I am trying to do this sustainably I am also selling offcuts and slighlty mishapen bits that are not “attractive” enough for most sellers.

All soaps are suitable for vegans and are cruelty and palm oil free. UK Orders only, postage included.

If you have any allergies please get in touch before ordering.

All soaps are made from:

Olive Oil (Sodium Olivate)
Sunflower Oil (Sodium Sunflowerate)
Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera)

Sodium hydroxide

The fragrance is given in the description and added colouration is from mica powder or titanium dioxide (for white).


Bamboo Soap Dish



Rose Soap

This is such a lovely rose scented soap with a delicate marble effect finish. Made with Rose Fragrance Oil



Mango Soap

Beautiful mango scented soap. Made with Mango Fragrance Oil



Odd Soaps (3 bars)

Soap is very fickle. Sometimes a cut goes slighlty awry, a colour runs between layers or a little air bubble makes a hole. These soaps are just like that. All very good and perfectly safe to use but with minor cosmetic issues that means they don’t make the best gifts. I’ll send you 3 different ones, a great way to try new soaps. If you have a particular one in mind then drop me a message and I’ll see if I have a cosmetically damaged one of your choice in stock.



Lemon and Lavender Soap

Fresh and clean smelling. Made with Lemon and Lavender Fragrance Oil.



Lavender Swirl Soap

Classic scented soap and a common favourite. Made with Lavender Essential Oil.


Mint and White Jasmine Soap

Really fresh and clean smelling. Made with Mint and White Jasmine Fragrance Oil



Lavender and Vanilla

Easily the most popular scent I have make! Great scent, in all honesty the colours were darker than intended and I wasn’t sure about selling it but it has been so popular I kept it. Made with Lavender and Vanilla Fragrance Oil



Radical Sauvage Soap

Radical Sauvage which is a dupe (replica) of the Dior aftershave, woody and masculine. Made with Radical Sauvage Fragrance Oil.


Soap Gallery

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