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I don’t really like fireworks. This would once have been a fairly unpopular opinion but it seems more and more people are feeling the same. It’s not for any one reason but the wastefulness of the whole event bothers me. A fireworks display typically… Continue Reading “Fireworks”

Washed out: Where are the animals?

During times of storms and flooding people rarely think about animals. They too have been washed away, forced to relocate or had their homes flooded. It’s not something that makes the news but it is important for conservation purposes to understand what exactly goes… Continue Reading “Washed out: Where are the animals?”

Top ten weirdest animals (part 2)

4-The tarantula hawk wasp Here is one that many of you will find creepy. The tarantula hawk wasp actively seeks out tarantulas and attacks them. Its sting paralyses the tarantula and, once stung, the wasp drags the spider back to its nest and lays… Continue Reading “Top ten weirdest animals (part 2)”

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