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Cat catastrophe

Whilst our native wildcats are not doing well at the moment our native cats are running wild. Domestic cats are currently the UK’s top predator, killing around 275 million animals every year. It seems you can take the cat out of the wild but… Continue Reading “Cat catastrophe”

Aussies drone on about shark attacks

Many key Australian agencies’ recently got together held a “Shark summit” which by all accounts was much less exciting than it sounds. However some new ideas did come of it. The New South Wales government has announced a trial of surveillance drones, “smart” drum… Continue Reading “Aussies drone on about shark attacks”

Wolf culling to increase in the Alps

The French government has dispatched a team of hunters in the French Alps in order to cull the native wolf population. The laws regarding wolf culling in France have been relaxed over recent years but this wolf cull is a step up. Wolves are… Continue Reading “Wolf culling to increase in the Alps”

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