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Bat Week: Indicator Species

As you may know, this is Bat Week where people aim to raise awareness of all things bat. I’m going to contribute by writing an article that was suggested by Louise (click her name to see her work) in an earlier post which I… Continue Reading “Bat Week: Indicator Species”

Bats bounce back

Pipistrelle bats in Scotland have significantly increased in number since 2009 according to new research. The findings were revealed in a report from Scottish Natural Heritage and the Bat Conservation Trust. The Bat Conservation Trust did most of the survey work and, as it… Continue Reading “Bats bounce back”

Endangered bats are crucial for crop success

A study, published in this month’s “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” journal, has shown that bats are extremely important for pest control. The study was conducted in the US and the authors conclude that, on corn alone, bats are worth about 1… Continue Reading “Endangered bats are crucial for crop success”

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