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Gazing at Gannets

This spring around 150,000 Northern Gannets return to the Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth, the island which is responsible for their scientific name Morus bassanus. Whilst most of us feel we “know” about gannets often we don’t appreciate quite how impressive they… Continue Reading “Gazing at Gannets”

Wind farms threaten gannets

A new study from researchers at the universities of Exeter, Glasgow and Leeds has revealed that marine wind farms are doing more damage to gannets than previously thought. The study focused on solely gannets and based its conclusions upon the flying height of the… Continue Reading “Wind farms threaten gannets”

Coastal flooding-You probably should be more worried.

Are you worried about losing a great deal of your country to the sea? Most people are, in a vague, “Yeah I suppose” kind of way. Sadly, this is not a vague threat. This is an absolute, it will happen and people will lose… Continue Reading “Coastal flooding-You probably should be more worried.”

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