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Carbon Capture and Storage

So I ran a poll on Instagram and 2/3 of people said we should invest in this. Not surprising as it does feature in pretty much every climate strategy and model we have. A few raised the issue of trees, absolutely we should have… Continue Reading “Carbon Capture and Storage”

Stop Making Communications Difficult! It is easy really.

448 page report on Sustainability? I’ll pass thanks. As someone who does communications work in sustainability, I find this important. Take the latest Committee on Climate Change Report. It set out the UK climate targets, our carbon budget and a lot of ideas. Well,… Continue Reading “Stop Making Communications Difficult! It is easy really.”

Buying to be Sustainable?

Sustainability is hard but it is catching on as a concept. I recently got Instagram which has a lot of great sustainability people on it sharing their stories. By its very nature Instagram is a visual, sometimes superficial place to show off what you… Continue Reading “Buying to be Sustainable?”

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