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Natural “Green” Gas?

Hello and Happy New Year! There was news recently that the EU is going to label natural gas and nuclear power as sources of green energy which is controversial. This is draft text but is fully expected to be approved with only Germany speaking… Continue Reading “Natural “Green” Gas?”

Food Waste: Who to blame?

We hear about food waste a lot. Globally we waste about 35% of food. About 45% in the UK. I’m never sure how this is worked out to be honest or what actually counts as waste. Are potato peelings and apple cores waste? Anyway,… Continue Reading “Food Waste: Who to blame?”

Marine Protected Areas: Smoke and mirrors?

We’ve probably heard about Marine Protected Areas (MPA), areas where marine life is legally but not physically protected. What people mean by MPA’s can vary, it can be a nursery ground to allow fish to spawn, it can be a no take zone where… Continue Reading “Marine Protected Areas: Smoke and mirrors?”

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