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Biomass: Carbon Neutral or not?

Biomass was recently in the news with the EU reviewing it’s policy, essentially deciding whether they support it. The biomass industry is quite open that is not all good, basically saying the wood used for biomass should be scrap wood or low value wood… Continue Reading “Biomass: Carbon Neutral or not?”

Lies, Damned Lies and Climate Targets

You have lies, damned lies, statistics and then you have climate targets which may be the most dishonest of all. The UK 🇬🇧 was the first country to declare a legally binding net zero target for 2050, a point which carbon emissions and absorption… Continue Reading “Lies, Damned Lies and Climate Targets”

Carbon Capture and Storage

So I ran a poll on Instagram and 2/3 of people said we should invest in this. Not surprising as it does feature in pretty much every climate strategy and model we have. A few raised the issue of trees, absolutely we should have… Continue Reading “Carbon Capture and Storage”

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