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Organic Farming?

Disclaimer: I’m not for or against, just don’t like how people are misled. I follow a lot of plant scientists and it’s interesting to see their organic evidence vs the media. Organic farming can be better or worse than non organic. There is good… Continue Reading “Organic Farming?”

Food Waste: Who to blame?

We hear about food waste a lot. Globally we waste about 35% of food. About 45% in the UK. I’m never sure how this is worked out to be honest or what actually counts as waste. Are potato peelings and apple cores waste? Anyway,… Continue Reading “Food Waste: Who to blame?”

Food Packaging

Isn’t it weird how certain foods come in certain types of packaging and we all just go with it? For some reason apples 🍎 come wrapped in plastic but oranges🍊 in mesh. I appreciate oranges have a skin but I don’t feel the bag… Continue Reading “Food Packaging”

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