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Natural “Green” Gas?

Hello and Happy New Year! There was news recently that the EU is going to label natural gas and nuclear power as sources of green energy which is controversial. This is draft text but is fully expected to be approved with only Germany speaking… Continue Reading “Natural “Green” Gas?”

China to be Net Zero for CO2 Emissions by 2060?

So this was a fairly surprising announcement a few weeks ago. It was almost missed by the news altogether despite it being one of the biggest climate stories in the last few decades. China has said it aims to “have CO2 emissions peak by… Continue Reading “China to be Net Zero for CO2 Emissions by 2060?”

Fracking U-turn over wildlife reserves

As many of you know, the environment secretary is keen to have fracking in Britain. Fracking is a contentious issue in itself but new government proposals are advocating fracking in 3 nature reserves and 53 sites of special scientific interest (SSSI) Nature reserves have… Continue Reading “Fracking U-turn over wildlife reserves”

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