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Carbon Capture and Storage

So I ran a poll on Instagram and 2/3 of people said we should invest in this. Not surprising as it does feature in pretty much every climate strategy and model we have. A few raised the issue of trees, absolutely we should have… Continue Reading “Carbon Capture and Storage”

New Zealand creates huge marine reserve

In a surprise move, the New Zealand government have announced the planned creation of the “Kermadec ocean sanctuary”, in the South Pacific. It will be 620,000 sq km in size and join onto an existing marine reserve around the Kermadec islands. This would make… Continue Reading “New Zealand creates huge marine reserve”

New snake species discovered in Australia, already endangered.

A team of researchers from around the world has announced that it has discovered a new species of snake in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. The new snake is thought to be a new species of Kimberley death adder, dubbed Acanthophis cryptamydro. The… Continue Reading “New snake species discovered in Australia, already endangered.”

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