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Return of the water vole?

This Friday the National Trust are set to release 100 water voles onto a Yorskhire estate as part of a reintroduction plan. The voles have been bred specifically for release and are part of wider, landscape management plan that hopes to make the environment healthier and return it to a more natural state.

Return of the Lamprey

An endangered species of fish known as the lamprey has returned to UK rivers for the first time since the 1800’s. ( although a dead lamprey was found in the Thames in  2009.) What does this mean for wildlife in the UK though? Well it… Continue Reading “Return of the Lamprey”

Mink and water voles

Many years ago I saw a mink. It was scurrying up the opposite riverbank and I got a quick look at it. All terribly exciting at the time but fortunately not something that I have seen again. Mink are very much the enemy nowadays… Continue Reading “Mink and water voles”

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