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The Great Wind Debate

4 wind farms proposed on the East coast of Scotland

In Scotland over the last few weeks there has been a fair amount of controversy over four wind farms due to be constructed on the East coast of Scotland. These wind farms were initially approved, then were put on hold after the RSPB appealed, but have now been cleared to proceed once again after a recent court ruling.

Cat catastrophe

Whilst our native wildcats are not doing well at the moment our native cats are running wild. Domestic cats are currently the UK’s top predator, killing around 275 million animals every year. It seems you can take the cat out of the wild but… Continue Reading “Cat catastrophe”

Fish eating spiders return

The fen raft spider is one of the largest spider species in Europe and the biggest in the UK. Until recently it was thought to be endangered in the UK but thanks to some introduction projects its numbers have increased. Spiders are commonly overlooked… Continue Reading “Fish eating spiders return”

Wind farms threaten gannets

A new study from researchers at the universities of Exeter, Glasgow and Leeds has revealed that marine wind farms are doing more damage to gannets than previously thought. The study focused on solely gannets and based its conclusions upon the flying height of the… Continue Reading “Wind farms threaten gannets”

Fracking U-turn over wildlife reserves

As many of you know, the environment secretary is keen to have fracking in Britain. Fracking is a contentious issue in itself but new government proposals are advocating fracking in 3 nature reserves and 53 sites of special scientific interest (SSSI) Nature reserves have… Continue Reading “Fracking U-turn over wildlife reserves”

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