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Protection Money

The Mexican government and insurance company Swiss Re have joined force to create an insurance policy for the coral reef off the coast of Cancun. This marks the first time something like this has happened, despite years of debate on the issue. The plan… Continue Reading “Protection Money”

Midges: Pests or saviours?

“And on the 8th day, Adam approached God and said “Are you quite sure about midges?”” Ah the midges, the cause of many legends and frantic running in the highlands of Scotland. The cold start to the year and the unseasonably warm end to… Continue Reading “Midges: Pests or saviours?”

Last Chance Tourism : Exploitation or innovation?

Also posted on Wildlife Articles This year, as with all recent years, many people will travel to the farthest corners of the world to see a place or animal that may soon be lost due to climate change. Many such trips are billed as… Continue Reading “Last Chance Tourism : Exploitation or innovation?”

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